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That is the humble beginnings of Remington, founded by Eliphalet Remington in Ilion, New York. One of Remington’s sons forged a barrel of his own and, after having it rifled, placed second in a local shooting competition with it. He began to make barrels to meet demand, and the company is still doing that today, innovating new performance standards at its research and development facility in LaGrange, Georgia. In 1770, Stephen Crane took over the first paper mill in Massachusetts – the Liberty Paper Mill.

US companies

If the corporation is redeeming the shares then the certificate is taken out of circulation. If the shares were sold to another person, then the corporation cancels the share certificate and issues a new certificate to the new owner. This list of government corporate registration website was created and maintained by the Commercial Register of the Canton St. Gallen. Brooks Brothers is the oldest clothing retailer in America, dating all the way back to 1818 – the same year Congress decided the flag should have 13 red and white stripes and 20 stars. The company introduced its first ready-made suits in 1849, and its original button-down polo shirt in 1896.

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The first New York store opened in 1858 on Sixth Street and moved to its current headquarters on 34th and Broadway – now known worldwide – in 1902. Louisville Stoneware is one of the oldest stoneware manufacturers in the country.

US companies

The amount of information available and the ease of access to sources is going to vary from country to country. It may be that looking at multiple databases, doing general Internet searching, and looking at their web page is essential in order to gather information. Some companies seem able to weather any storm, including a few that may surprise you. The oldest American company has existed since 1752 – before our country was even founded. Despite wars, depressions, recessions, and slumps, some companies have positioned themselves in the market to stand the test of time.

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In 1799, the company relocated to a new mill in Dalton, Massachusetts, and was taken over by Stephen’s son, Zenas. Since then, the company has provided high-end cotton paper for both personal and business use, according to the Crane website.

  • The company now has more than 250 retail and factory stores in the U.S. and more than 250 locations internationally, according to its website.
  • While it closed its Connecticut office in 2020, it continues publishing with a remote staff.
  • This list of government corporate registration website was created and maintained by the Commercial Register of the Canton St. Gallen.
  • Even if there are managers, the members may or may not have further liability for their actions or negligence.
  • This section is devoted to resources for those searching for information on companies that are not in the United States.
  • If all the shareholders qualify, and all the shareholders want to, the corporation can elect to become an “S” corporation .

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Since companies are required to file with the Secretary of State of the state in which they are established, these filings may be all there is available. When it comes to researching private companies, the first place to look would be the company’s web page if they have one. Never underestimate the information that companies publish on their own web sites.

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PrivCo’s growing database covers more than 300,000 private companies and over 100,000 M&A deals and venture fundings. There are many difficulties in researching private companies, defined here as companies that do not trade on stock exchanges. Consequently, researching private companies often requires considerable creativity and patience. The selected sources below include companies from all over the world and aren’t just limited to a specific country.

Reference Solutions is an Internet-based reference service from the Goernment Division of Data Axle. The site was designed for use as a reference tool in government agencies and is continally enhanced based on suggestions from government agencies. This is the list of the largest companies in the USA by market capitalization. Only the top uss express review american companies are shown in this list and companies that are not publicly traded on a stock exchange are excluded. The ranking and the market cap data shown on this page are updated daily. It includes a news archive and the Sukuk database which is a fully searchable database, focusing on the international deals in the Islamic market.

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Over the next 135 years, the company purchased other publishers and became one of the “big five” publishers in New York City. News Corp. purchased Harper & Row in 1987, and William Collins & Sons in 1990, merging the publishers into today’s HarperCollins Publishers, which has since gone international. Brothers James and John Harper started their book publishing business under the name J. When two more brothers joined the firm in 1833, the name became Harper & Brothers. Actually, it was started by William Colgate in 1806 in New York City. The business sold soaps and candles, eventually introducing perfumes in 1866, according to the Colgate website.

In 1804, du Pont built his first powder mill on Brandywine Creek, using bark from willow trees for charcoal to create black powder, according to the DuPont website. Paul Revere used Crane paper and was even known to pasture his horses at the original Liberty Paper Mill. England’s Queen Mother Elizabeth was a fan of Crane’s stationery and used it for her 100th birthday celebration announcement. It’s named after Col. James B. Beam, the fourth generation of the Beam family to take over the distillery.