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We have added numerous specialty positions to channel and nurture individual passions. As important as your future is with Creative Group, your future, in general, is even more so. Your personal thrivabilitySM is in your hands, but we will give you the tools and encouragement to reach for it. The weatherization Assistance Program provides comprehensive weatherproofing to the households of eligible clients to make their homes more cost effective, and reduce their heating costs. CEAP clients are eligible for the Weatherization Program. This program is administered through New Opportunities, Inc.

  • Bring your passion to the game and discover just how far you can push yourself.
  • As a quickly growing company, we are always looking for passionate, talented and creative people to join our team’s roster.
  • City of Hope strongly supports and values the uniqueness of all individuals and promotes a work environment where diversity is embraced.
  • There is an energy here and this energy is drawn from the land and the deep history that it holds.
  • Custodians are charged with cleaning and resetting the center outside of operating hours.

The Family Fun Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer. City of Hope is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

School District Of Pickens County

We honor different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds and know they create healthier and more creative work environments that foster respect and cultivate a sense of belonging. At VITAL WorkLife we strive to support the emotional, mental and behavioral well being of the organizations, employees and family members we serve. Gyrl Wonder is committed to uplifting young women of color through social impact, career exploration, and objective alignment. They provide scholarships, mentorship, workshops, and career coaching to help these women successfully enter a competitive workforce. In addition to donating a portion of all full-time placement fees, Career Group Companies partners with Gyrl Wonder on webinars, interview coaching, and a Fellowship program that helps girls gain valuable professional experience. We believe living out these values will make a positive difference for those we serve—while also ensuring the success and prosperity of our company, our employees, our partners and our consultants.

They speak to all adventurous spirits; those who desire to walk in the footsteps of those who came before, who accept the challenge to wander and explore, and who draw upon the power of the great outdoors for strength and inspiration. We commit to these values in order to continue bringing the best ideas forward and to make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve, our colleagues and our organization. To view our current job openings and apply, click the button below. We’re proud to partner with Engage Arkansas to foster a culture of service in our community. Creative Group is always on the lookout for dynamic, creative individuals to join our team.

Diversity And Inclusion

Before appointment to any position with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, applicants must successfully complete multiple steps in the hiring process. The entire process can take between 4-8 weeks depending upon the position and the applicant. You will also be asked to complete a relevant case study. The aim is for you to gain a clearer picture of the responsibilities of the role, as well as the work environment at Partners Group, through speaking to existing employees. At the Economy League, we are committed to fostering an organizational culture built around five core values. Nine-month employees will receive 12 days annually; ten-month employees will receive 13 days annually; eleven-month employees will receive 14 days annually; and twelve-month employees will receive 15 days annually. Advanced annual leave will be granted yearly to all full-time professional personnel.

Our benefits help our team thrive at work and in their personal lives. In addition to premium health insurance and 401 plans, we offer paid vacation, parental leave programs, flexible work hours and summer Fridays. At VITAL WorkLife, we understand embracing diversity and inclusion is more than just making a statement. It’s a commitment to continued and purposeful engagement by expanding our understanding of one another and ensuring we, as VITAL WorkLife employees, and individuals in organizations we serve, have the tools to live and work inclusively. We strive to embody what it means to be inclusive and embrace diversity in every aspect of work and life.

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Outback Team Building & Training looking to fill vacancies for Virtual event coordinators based out of the United States. As a quickly growing company, we are always looking for passionate, talented and creative people to ’s roster. When it comes to a job hunt, there’s certainly a lot to learn. So, pick up some top tips from our best recruiters and get a jump-start on your career search today. Experience college life in high definition on our very involved and interconnected campus. With over 100 clubs and organizations plus a continuous calendar of community activities, there is no shortage of opportunity to get involved. Our pit crew members are responsible for the safety of all guests participating in the go-kart racing.

Paid Time Off

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office welcomes volunteers in both sworn and civilian capacities. The LCSO has an active Reserve Deputy Unit with over 50 active members providing sworn support to our full-time workforce. This provides a great path for newly certified officers to gain experience and segway into a full-time career with our agency. Civilian volunteers help supplement our support staff providing a vital role to the ussexpress functioning of our agency. Lastly, the LCSO has a competitive well-respected internship program that provides interns either a generalized exposure to our agency or a focused experience in a specialized area. Cooks execute food orders to perfection from our extensive, made-to-order menu. They assist our Chef in planning, preparing and executing meals and dining services for walk-in guests and private event clients.

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Because “yourself” is a unique mind full of potential with a point of view that we desperately want to put to good use. If you want to know how people are going to perform, simply find out what they believe. Strategies, products and systems are all very important, but success comes from bringing the right people together.

We work together to bring our clients awesome results and never forget to have a little fun while doing it. Gain insight into how to write great resumes, ace interviews, and advance your career. Hear what employees across the Allegis Group enterprise have to say about working for us.

Servers help bring the full experience of Shakers restaurant + bar to our guests, everywhere in the center. Their primary role is to ensure that all guests can enjoy excellent and expedient food service at their bowling lanes or in our dining room. We hire a dedicated and well-trained team and we’re committed to creating a positive uss-express llc work culture that values innovation and growth. SoilView has a cohesive and supportive team, with open communication and a genuine appreciation for employee contributions. We welcome applications from people who are passionate about private markets. As a global organization, we offer opportunities in 20 locations around the world.

1¼ days of annual leave will be advanced for each month of active service at no reduction in salary. Understood is the only lifelong guide for the 1 in 5 individuals who learn and think differently. Each year, we help more than 24 million people discover their potential, learn how to take control, find community, and stay on a positive path along each stage of life’s journey. We find exceptional opportunities to bring the right people together.